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Join us for a life-changing weekend retreat in the 
Texas Hill Country
Blessed Living News is all about helping you be the best person you have been called to be.  A few months out of the year Blessed  Living News' publishers, Victor and Diana Morales host different kinds of life-changing weekend retreats.  At these retreats, we help you learn how to live a supernatural life.  With simple principles shared with you from the GREATEST book on success ever written, we help you with practical steps to live a drama-free, stress-free victorious life.  

You will experience some "YOU" time with the Holy Spirit, learn how God wants you to live a supernatural life, raise children with the wisdom of God, be everything God has called you to be, learn new things you did not know about yourself and effective skills on how to handle relationships, money, strife, and so much more!  When this weekend is done, you will learn your authority in the Lord and the power of God inherent with it.
​What if you could have a supernatural marriage?
Or have amazing parenting skills?
What if you could live a stress-free, worry-free, debt-free life?
What if you could learn to live with incredible health regardless of how you currently feel?
What of you could live out "on earth as it is in heaven?"
If you have additional questions about any meetings or future Retreats, please drop us a line in the box above to the right or call us at (956) 821-7968. We look forward to serving you!
For more information regarding Airports and transportation, please e-mail us at or call us at (956) 821-7968

LET’S GO THRIFTING! A weekend full of 
✔️ministry - a special Word from heaven each day
✔️great fun 
✔️shopping for pennies on the dollar
✔️great friendships
✔️great cheesecake from Lani's Cheesecakes &          
     Coffee House
This weekend is all about teaching you how to live
by the laws that govern the Kingdom of God
We hope you join us at one of our Healing Meetings, Conferences or Retreats.